Iggy Azalea Performed Just DAYS After She Got A Boob Job! Find Out How The Singer Pulled It Off HERE!

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Umm, is Iggy Azalea moonlighting as Wonder Woman!?

Shortly after Iggy revealed she had a boob job, we learned that the date of the surgery was November 19, just FOUR DAYS before she performed with Jennifer Lopez at the American Music Awards.

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What the what?! How could the singer pull that feat off?!

According to an insider, the Australian’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, specializes in flash recovery, a treatment that allows patients to be back on their feet in just days.

But wait, even if Iggs was well enough to shake her bum on stage, how did she hide the signs of surgery?

The source went on to explain that Iggy had to wear an outfit which hid her cleavage and underneath the ensemble she wore bandages to protect her new assets.

Check out a throwback pic of the performance outfit(below)!

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Wow, we would have never guessed that the rapper went under the knife just a few days prior! So. nuts.

We’re just curious why Iggs chose to get surgery just days before a big event…

So, do YOU think the singer should have waited to get her surgery?

[Image via AP Images/Instagram.]

Mar 25, 2015 10:33am PST

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