Jonathan Groff DOES Need To Start Looking For More Work… Because His HBO Series Has OFFICIALLY Been Cancelled

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We were really hoping the rumors weren’t true!

Despite being well-received by critics, Looking has indeed been cancelled by HBO after pulling in alarmingly low ratings for its two seasons.

The gay dramedy, led by Jonathan Groff, finished its second season with a whimper on Sunday, raking in less than 300,000 viewers…

Screenwriter and producer, Michael Lannan, announced the cancellation early on Twitter on Wednesday, which HBO has officially re-tweeted, saying:

At least we’ll get to see how the story unfolds in its entirety!

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In addition to the undeservedly low ratings, it probably didn’t help that co-star Russell Tovey totally alienated the show’s key demo a few weeks ago by saying that he’s glad he isn’t flamboyant.

Probably not the best choice of words since most of their viewers were most likely gay men…

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Mar 25, 2015 3:50pm PDT

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