Ted 3 Is Already A Reality?! Flash Gordon Reveals The Good News!

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Ted 2 hasn’t even been released yet, it hits theaters on June 26th, and yet we’re already hearing that Ted 3 is in the works!

The news about the Seth MacFarlane movie was confirmed by Sam Jones, who appeared in a cameo in the first film, and played the iconic titular character in Flash Gordon, and he says he has already signed up for the third movie!

And we’re definitely happy to hear our favorite cuddly foul-mouthed teddy bear will be returning for a third movie in this raunchy series!

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Here’s what Sam Jones recently said:

Ted 2 comes out June 26. I just signed on for Ted 3. We’re moving onwards and upwards, it’s wonderful. It’s a great adventure at this time in my life.”

Although Sam confirmed that they “haven’t filmed Ted 3 yet,” it seems pretty clear there will be a third movie unless Ted 2 totally bombs in the box office which we can’t imagine happening! Especially since Sam said this second movie is as “funny, if not funnier” than the original!

No word yet though on whether Mark Wahlberg will return for the third movie, but we would be surprised if he didn’t since he plays such a good straight role in Ted.

But even if he wasn’t in the third flick we’d still have faith in Seth MacFarlane to bring a pretty special finished product to the big screen!

Although a finished product is pretty far away at this point!

Mar 25, 2015 10:01pm PDT

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