Beyoncé Has 100 Unreleased Songs?! Will You Ever Get To Hear Them??

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Beyonc├â┬⌐ has a secret…

Well, she has about 100 secrets actually…

Queen Bey’s collaborator/producer The-Dream dropped a bit of a bombshell: Beyonc├â┬⌐ has “a hundred” unreleased songs!

The-Dream was musing about Bey’s fourth studio album, titled 4, and the specific single End of Time, and how they were going for a vibe similar to musician Fela Kuti and the Broadway musical Fela inspired. The-Dream said:

“We did a whole Fela album that didn’t go up. It was right before we did 4. We did a whole different sounding thing, about 20 songs. She said she wanted to do something that sounds like Fela. That’s why there’s so much of that sound in the ‘End of Time.'”

Whoa, so Beyoncé basically has an entire unreleased album??

The-Dream makes it seem even more crazy than that, saying:

“There’s always multiple albums being made. Most of the time we’re just being creative, period. We’re talking about B, somebody who sings all day long and somebody who writes all day long. There’s probably a hundred records just sitting around.”

Wow, we guess she really is one of the hardest working people in America! She just has unreleased, full albums lying around??

What’s sad is The-Dream didn’t mention anything about the potential for any of these tracks to ever see the light of day.

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Maybe that’s a good thing (not every song can be a hit) but now that we know there’s more Bey out there… we HAVE to hear some!!

Are U itching for unheard Beyoncé tracks?? Let us know in the comments!!

Mar 26, 2015 12:00pm PDT

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