Chelsea Handler Reveals Her ‘Weird’ Experience With Bill Cosby

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What a disturbing story!

On March 25, Chelsea Handler opened up to Esquire about a very inneresting encounter she had with Bill Cosby 10 years ago while doing stand-up in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Chelsea felt compelled to speak out on the sexual assault allegations surrounding Bill when the interviewer referred to the comedian as a “poor guy.”

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Handler immediately went on the offensive and recalled a time when the Cosby Show star invited her up to his hotel room after their performances.

The comedienne revealed:

“Oh, I was in Atlantic City playing, doing stand-up, and he was doing stand-up in Atlantic City in the same hotel, and at like three o’clock in the afternoon, someone from the hotel came down and said, ‘Oh, you know, Mr. Cosby would really like to meet you up in his hotel suite.’ And I thought, ‘That’s really weird.'”

Hmm, that does sound a tad suspicious!

Obviously, the entertainer was freaked out by the request, so she invited her three male pals to accompany her to Cosby’s suite.

“I said, ‘That’s really weird. I don’t want to go alone. So the three guys I was with ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ thank God these guys were with me. One was filming and one was like a producer; we were filming something ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I brought them up with me to his room and thank God I did, because now I know what would’ve happened if I went up there alone.”

Better safe than sorry, Chels! It’s always important to follow your instincts!

Luckily, nothing happened to the 40-year-old and she had stowed away the bizarre memory until a few friends reminded her of the strange encounter after all the rumors about Bill’s reportedly uncouth behavior resurfaced in the latter part of 2014.

Handler added:

“Then my friend texted me the other day saying, ‘Do you remember that night we went up to, or that afternoon we went up to Bill Cosby’s and you were so freaked out you made us come with you?’ And I said, ‘Yeah,’ and he said, ‘Hello! You could’ve been one of his victims if we weren’t there.’ And I went, ‘Oh my gosh…’ So yeah, he’s guilty. I think it’s pretty obvious now.”

Sheesh, what an uncomfortable memory!

We wonder how many other women have a similar story to Chelsea’s!

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Mar 26, 2015 11:24am PDT

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