Germanwings Plane Was Crashed ‘Deliberately’ According To Black Box Investigation

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The story of the crash of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 in the French Alps has taken an awful and unexpected turn.

According to information gleaned from the recovered black box, it appears that the co-pilot may have intentionally crashed the plane.

First Officer Andreas Lubitz was apparently in the cockpit alone — with the captain locked out — when the plane began its descent.

There were then sounds of banging on the recording, implying the captain tried to enter the cockpit. Unfortunately, the reinforced security door made it impossible. Lubitz never said a word.

All the information points to Lubitz intentionally downing the aircraft. Marseilles Prosecutor Brice Robin explained:

“There was no reason to put the plane into a descent, nor to not respond to … air traffic controllers…

Given the information I have at this time … I can tell you that he deliberately made possible the loss of altitude of the aircraft.”

Currently investigators believe based on the recording that Lubitz exhibited “a desire to destroy this plane.”

No motive has yet been determined, and investigators have found no ties to terrorist organizations. But this is the definition of terror, none-the-less.

According to Germanwings, Lubitz joined the airline straight from training in 2013, and had flown over 630 hours.

Just shocking.

[Image via NBC News.]

Mar 26, 2015 10:09am PDT

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