Germanwings Pilot Had A History Of Mental Illness & Was Months Away From Possibly Losing His License

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As the investigation into the Germanwings crash continues on, authorities are uncovering more and more startling details about co-pilot Andreas Lubitz who intentionally crashed the plane.

According to reports and medical documents, Lubitz had recently torn up medical notes where a doctor declared him “unfit to work,” and he was months away from possibly losing his license as a result.

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When Lubitz was training to be a pilot, he left the program for awhile because of mental reasons, and was treated for over a year and a half. Remarkably, he was still allowed to become a pilot.

Flying had been Lubitz’s dream since he was young, and he even worked as a flight attendant for awhile, but unfortunately that caused him to get bullied. As a result, other pilots reportedly saw him as lower than them and called him ‘Tomato Andy.’

So, since Lubitz was only a few months away from having his license re-evaluated, he was reportedly scared he wouldn’t pass, becoming unable to fly anymore.

Investigators have also found signs that Lubitz and his girlfriend, whom he lived with, had been fighting. He recently got two Audis for them, but it’s possible that didn’t completely smooth things over. She’s believed to be grieving with her family right now.

What it comes down to is that there were warning signs all along about Lubitz, and he shouldn’t have been flying, but for whatever reason Lufthansa and Germanwings ignored them.

And now there is a tremendous tragedy they have to confront.

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Mar 27, 2015 4:20pm PST

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