Justin Bieber Shares Some Deep Thoughts With Random Stranger On A Hike!

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Let it be known: if you meet Justin Bieber on a mountain talk to him, because you’re about to get a dose of wisdom, not whiz in a bucket like you might expect.

For those who don’t believe that the Biebs has turned a new leaf, do we have a tale for you!

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Apparently, Justin was hiking around Runyan Canyon, the place where one does some heavy soul-searching in the City of Angels, when he walked past a hiker and his wife who flagged him down.

Instead of throwing eggs at the hiker, or spitting on him, Justin did the unthinkable: he talked with him.

According to fellow hiker, Mike Maedke, they sat together on a bench looking down at the smog of El Lay below, when Justin spoke the following universal truth:

“It’s so chaotic down there.”


Justin talked about how he missed Canada (you know that place where he was charged with assault), before playing with a random lady’s dog.

Justin was alone, and clearly looking for company.

However, the rare moment with Bieber ended when two female Believers started screaming his name, and Justin continued his trek before giving Mike a fist bump, and even gave him a selfie.

Mar 27, 2015 11:00pm PDT

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