The White House Says ‘I Do’ To Gay Marriage On Scandal!

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If you haven’t seen last night’s episode of Scandal yet, stay off of the Internet entirely until you do.

Because we HAVE to talk about it!


Thursday’s episode of Scandal showed equality and love for all in a major way. Cyrus Beene, played by Jeff Perry, was all set to wed prostitute Michael at the White House after some urgings from Kerry Washington‘s persuasive character Olivia Pope.

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But it wasn’t without some drama├óΓé¼┬ª of course!!!

Cyrus found out about Michael’s affair, but after learning about how horrible Michael’s parents were to him as a child, sending him to camps to cure him from being gay, Cyrus forgave his partner.

And we got to see some flashbacks from Cyrus’ life too! The politician goes all of the way back to his first wife, Janet, from 15 years ago, and then, sadly to his late husband James.

Meanwhile, while Cyrus and Michael planned their White House nuptials, former vice president Sally Langston did her best to prove their love was a sham!

But wait, what about Olivia?? Don’t worry. Her character had a moment in the spotlight as well when we saw the moment Fitz gave her a ring, which is named “doux b├â┬⌐b├â┬⌐,” or “sweet baby.”

There was so much love, it should have been a Valentine’s Day episode!

Did U enjoy it???

Mar 27, 2015 10:47am PDT

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