Zayn Malik Is Walking Away From Millions! Find Out How Much The Star Was Making In One Direction HERE!

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We all know the toll Zayn Malik leaving One Direction is going to take on his fans.

But what about his wallet?

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We mean, how much was he REALLY making as a member of 1D anyway?

Um, it turns out A LOT. Like, A LOT a lot!

Forbes Magazine’s Zack O’Malley Greenburg explained:

“Last year, we had One Direction [estimated] at $75 million, which put them in our top 10 on our Celebrity 100 list. It is mostly fueled by live shows but also record sales and merchandise sales.”


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OK, that’s not as much as it sounds like because it’s gross. We don’t just mean it’s a GROSS amount of money, we mean — we’ll let Greenburg sum it up:

“[The 75 mil is] before all the agents and managers take their cuts, and then you divide it by five. It is still millions of dollars, but it isn’t quite as outrageous as it looks on the surface.”

OK, that’s at least 20% to reps and then divide by five, take out tax — which is 45% in the UK for Zayn’s bracket — we’re looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of…

$6.6 million.

Not a bad neighborhood, all things considered! And still quite a bit of money to leave on the table.

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But if he goes out as a solo act, won’t he possibly make even more? With the whole not-having-to-split-it-five-ways thing? Greenburg says:

“Could [Zayn] do a fifth of the business on his own that One Direction is doing? I don’t know, it would be tough, but don’t forget that these guys have something that these other boy bands didn’t have, which is social media, and they have a direct line to their fans and a way to retain the audience that boy bands of the past haven’t had.”

Well, it can be tough out there on your own, but we’re rooting for you, Zayn!

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Mar 27, 2015 10:02am PDT

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