Zayn Malik’s Solo Career Is In Motion But Which Lone Direction Is He Heading?!

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You may have heard that One Direction lost a key member recently.

But the future of Zayn Malik has been a bit murky since he made his earth-shattering announcement.

However, some rumblings regarding his contract and solo career have come to light that prove to be very interesting!!!

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The singer is expected to embark on a solo career, and it seems that his contract with record label Syco covered Malik not only as a member of One Direction, but also covers him if he decided to ever go solo — which, again, it appears he has!

Apparently there’s a “leaving member clause” in One Direction’s deal that will allow them to continue the group as a four member band and gives the record label the option of picking up Malik’s contract as a solo act.

And judging from Simon Cowell‘s recent words about Zayn’s leaving… we have a feeling his label will definitely be picking up that option!

As for the type of music that Zayn will be making now that he’s on his own?? It seems the 22 year old is leaning towards a more “slowed down sexual R&B sound” according to some sources:

“Zayn has a clear vision for the music he wants to create, and the direction he wants to take his career in. He’s been writing for a while now during his downtime on tour and has already recorded two tracks this week alone. The music he’s making is completely different to anything One Direction have ever done before, it’s very slowed down R&B and quite sexual. It’s going to blow fans’ minds.”

That description of the music alone just blew our minds!!!

Zayn probably could’ve gotten to this point in a less dramatic and, for some fans, traumatizing way but it definitely seems like big things are in this young man’s future.

He’s going in his own, lone direction and that seems to be the way he wants it!

Mar 27, 2015 9:00pm PDT

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