Simon Cowell Seems Intent On Keeping Zayn Malik As A Part Of His Record Label!

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We knew he had the option of picking up his contract!

And it seems like that is definitely going to happen!

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has been in the news a lot lately over his departure from the group and the revelations that Zayn plans to embark on a solo career.

But no one was sure if Simon Cowell was going to pick up Zayn’s contract since Zayn left the band that Simon’s been championing for a while now! However we did know Simon had a “leaving member clause” in Zayn’s contract with One Direction that totally gave him the option of keeping Zayn.

And it apparently looks as if Simon Cowell will not only pick up Zayn’s option, but is expecting him to stay a part of his record label Syco for a long time!!

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Or at least that is how one source recently put it:

“Simon was very understanding about him leaving the band but quickly made it clear he would stay a Syco artist for his future projects. He’ll now be able to make sure any releases are timed so they don’t clash with anything by One Direction.”

That makes a lot of sense! And it also avoids an awkward situation of Zayn’s solo work possibly competing against his former boy band’s records! If that happened, it would’ve been a nightmare!

Smart move on Simon Cowell’s part in terms of moving quickly to make sure Zayn’s departure into the solo music world is as seamless as possible while also protecting One Direction sales.

Plus this way Simon gets to keep Zayn Malik a part of his label’s roster which is great because that kid is way too valuable to let go!!!

[Image via Michael Wright/WENN.]

Mar 28, 2015 3:06pm PDT

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