Game Of Thrones Creator George R.R. Martin Won’t Be Writing Any Season 6 Episodes — Because Of This!!

George RR Martin not writing season 6

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin brings us bittersweet news — he won’t be writing any of the show’s episodes for its sixth season!

The 66-year-old revealed his decision to take time off writing for the hit fantasy show on HBO so he can dedicate his efforts to the GoT book series.

Martin wants to spend more time on finishing the sixth book in the GoT franchise, The Winds of Winter. The author had this to say in his Livejournal:

“After wrestling with it for a month or so, I’ve decided not to script an episode for season six of Game of Thrones. Writing a script takes me three weeks, minimum, and longer when it is not a straight adaptation from the novels. And really, it would cost me more time than that, since I have never been good at changing gears from one medium to another and back again. Writing a season six script would cost me a month’s work on WINDS, and maybe as much as six weeks, and I cannot afford that. With [showrunners] David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Bryan Cogman on board, the scriptwriting chores for season six should be well covered. My energies are best devoted to WINDS.”

The author wrote an episode in each of GoT‘s first four seasons, but skipped out on season five to focus on the books.

Martin announced earlier this year he would also be skipping out on various appearances to spend time finishing The Winds of Winter — he’d even be missing this years San Diego Comic-Con!!

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Though the next book won’t be appearing this year, due to the other multi-platform projects Martin is attached to. The writer explained:

“When I say, ‘my plate is full,’ I don’t just mean with WINDS. I am still editing the latest Wild Cards volume, HIGH STAKES. I have an overall deal with HBO, and three new television concepts in various stages of development, with a variety of collaborators and partners. I am consulting on a couple of video games. There’s the Wild Cards movie at Universal, where I’m a producer. And I’ve recently formed a new production company to make low budget short films based on a trio of classic short stories by├óΓé¼┬ª well, no, not yet, that would be telling. Premature telling.”

Wow! Sounds like he’s really busy! We think Georgie gets a pass this time!

Will YOU be watching season five of Game of Thrones when it airs in April?

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Mar 30, 2015 5:14pm PDT

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