Is Sam Smith Starting An Acting Career With Tom Cruise’s Help?! Not According To Sam…

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Sam Smith is starting an acting career with Tom Cruise‘s help! …er, wait. No, that’s not right!

Because no matter what you’ve heard, and no matter how much Sam would’ve been into it, that just isn’t happening.

Sam was asked about the very specific rumor that Tom Cruise was helping him break into Hollywood. Talking about the first time he heard the rumor himself, he said:

“I immediately got through to my management. I was like, ‘Please tell me you haven’t told me about the Tom Cruise thing.’ They were like, ‘Sam we haven’t heard anything.’ I was like ‘Ahhh…’ I would never be an actor but I just want to be offered. How does he know I would be good at acting anyway?”

Yeah, that rumor just sounded like, well, a rumor. And now we know that’s all it is.

And Sam doesn’t even want to act! He just wants a courtesy offer??

When asked what kind of role he’d like to play, he replied:

“I think I would be like a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!”

Ha! He’s hilarious!

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We think he’d make a great Vivian Ward! (The prostitute from Pretty Woman.) JK! LOLz!

We guess the closest we’ll get to seeing Sam act is watching his music videos, which is fine by us.

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Mar 30, 2015 5:46pm PDT

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