Which Beloved Character Died On The Season Finale Of The Walking Dead?? Get Your GIF Recap HERE!

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Season 5 of The Walking Dead ended with not a whimper but a bang!

But who was didn’t make it to season 6?

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Well, let’s take a head count here…


Daryl… survived his close encounter thanks to a returned Morgan!

Glenn… survived his fight with Nicholas!

Rick… survived facing a sword-wielding drunk!

Obvi Michonne survived, that’s not even a question.

So what was the big casualty in the finale? The status quo!

Alexandria seemed like an idyllic community where everyone might be safe — not to mention showered and shaved — but Rick knew better.

And he tried to tell everyone.

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So when a distraught Father Gabriel left the gate open, and — thanks to the lack of security — several walkers stumbled in, Rick sprung into action.

At a town meeting, he dropped a zombie at everyone’s feet and explained to them that they all need to change in a very moving Rocky IV-esque speech.

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That’s when drunken spousal abuser Pete helped make his point by attacking with Michonne’s sword! Unfortunately for town leader Deanna, it was her hubby Reg who got the worst of the attack.

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As her man died in her arms, Deanna finally gave Rick the permission to kill Pete, which he did without hesitation.

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But just to hit home how much Rick has changed since the first ep, Morgan showed up right at that moment — and barely recognized his old friend.

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So what longtime beloved character died in the season finale of The Walking Dead?

Pilot Rick we guess! You remember, this guy:

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R.I.P. first episode Rick Grimes!

[Image via AMC.]

Mar 30, 2015 11:00am PDT

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