Did Iggy Azalea Have To ‘Give Back’ The Track She’s Doing With Britney Spears? It’s A Duet So Whose Album Gets The Song??

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Iggy Azalea isn’t featured on a track with Britney Spears. Britney isn’t featured on a track by Iggy.

These two top-notch artists duet!

Apparently, they were passing a new track back and forth, unsure on whose album it’d be released. Brit gave Iggy the song, then ended up wanting it back for her album!

Watch close and tell us if U think Iggy seems a little upset that she had to give back Britney’s song.

She then goes on to talk about how nice Brit Brit is and how they even had lunch together! They’ve apparently been getting along really well and have had no issues collaborating so far.

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So now we’re just super excited for this track! And it’s not even done yet!!

Check out the video (below) to hear Iggy talk about her upcoming duet with Ms. Spears!

Mar 31, 2015 12:37pm PDT

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