Julianne Moore Was Fired From A Turkish Tourism Campaign For ‘Bad Acting!’

Julianne Moore fired for bad acting

The Academy may love Julianne Moore, but we can’t say the same about the Turkish Tourism Ministry! The Oscar winner was dropped from a Turkish tourism campaign because of her “poor acting” skills!

Um├óΓé¼┬ª we guess Boogie Nights still hasn’t come out in Turkey yet?

Apparently, the promotional film was supposed to feature the 54-year-old actress on an airplane, reliving fond childhood memories of a trip to Turkey. The film was shot last year and was expected to air in Turkey in February 2014.

But reportedly, Turkeys’ Culture and Tourism Ministry was less than impressed by the actress’s performance and demanded a reshoot, which the leading lady refused to do — resulting in the project being scrapped!

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There may be more to the story, as the project has already been put on blast from many distinguished Turks. Ruhsar Demirel of the Nationalist Movement Party had this to say to the Ministry:

“How reasonable do you find promoting Turkey with the body of such names and women? How do you find, as a woman, giving plenty of money to a Hollywood star to promote Turkey, as if it were the 19th century?”

The advertising agency behind the project don’t seem to understand the dislike of the star, saying that Moore was perfect for the job because she would attract affluent U.S. and British tourists to the country.

Ministry officials haven’t released a statement about the cancellation of the project.

We think they should watch Moore’s Oscar-winning performance in Still Alice before they make their final decision on whether or not to scrap the project!

Mar 31, 2015 1:55pm PDT

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