Louis Tomlinson’s 11-Year-Old Sister Epically Burns Naughty Boy For Releasing That Zayn Malik Track!

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It seems like Louis Tomlinson isn’t the only person butthurt about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction.

That’s because Louis’ 11-year-old kid sister Daisy totally called out Naughty Boy for trifling on her brother’s main squeeze.

In an epic Twitter rant, Daisy somehow managed to emasculate the producer with less than 140 characters, saying:

“@NaughtyBoyMusic maybe there is a reason why I have more followers then you…. and I’m just his little 11 year old sister”


Although she proceeded to delete the initial tweet, she did leave other instances of her disdain for I Won’t Mind open to the public.

We love that she’s not afraid to say what every other Directioner is thinking!

Her tirade happened just after Zayn and N. Boy released their demo on Soundcloud on Monday night, but now we’re hearing that the track wasn’t even new.

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Apparently, there have been some reports that the song was actually a previously recorded single passed over by 1D, and Boy, Naughty just posted it to mess with the fandom.

What do U think about this whole situation??

Let us know if you’re #TeamLouis or #TeamZayn in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Daniele Deme/WENN.]

Mar 31, 2015 6:03pm PST

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