Oh Say Did You See M├â┬╢tley Cr├â┬╝e Frontman Vince Neil’s Strange Rendition Of The National Anthem?! Watch HERE!

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Oh say did you see this yet?

M├â┬╢tley Cr├â┬╝e frontman Vince Neil performed the National Anthem at the United States Football League‘s Las Vegas Outlaws game on Tuesday, and it was… let’s say “a little pitchy, dawg.”

But while the singing was a bit off, the experience was unforgettable!!

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Despite the fact that Vince’s Star-Spangled Banner veers off-key quite a lot — and we’re not sure all the words were there — this version is still pretty entertaining. And it’s all thanks to the vet rocker’s showmanship!

Check out the video (below) and fast forward to around the 5:00 mark to get the anthem party started!!

[Image via YouTube.]

Apr 1, 2015 12:15pm PDT

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