The Anti-Equality Indiana Pizzeria Owners Have Gone Into Hiding — With Over $500k In Donations From Supporters

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This story keeps getting saucier!

We previously reported on the owners of Memories Pizza, the homophobic Indiana restaurant that stated they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding.

Now, it seems the bigots who own the pizzeria have gone into hiding, with over $500,000 in donations from like-minded fans of their intolerance!

After Crystal and Kevin O’Connor made it clear that their beliefs compelled them against catering weddings of same sex couples, they received swift online backlash and harassing phone calls — causing them to close restaurant doors.

But conservatives all over defended them my sending them a ton of dough. An online fundraiser for the co-owners collected around $520,000!

[ Video: It’s Not About Pizza – Or Wedding Cake! Talking Indiana And Arkansas On MSNBC! ]

Now, the O’Connors have gone into hiding… reportedly considering skipping town… and, of course, taking the donations with them!

Wow! Wait… could this homophobic father-daughter duo actually just be the biggest money scam against conservatives in the history of pizza?

We’re not sure. But the big question still remains: in 2015, why is blatant and corrosive discrimination even given the time of day, let alone praised to the tune of legislation… and half a million bucks?

Indiana? Arkansas?


[Image via Fox News.]

Apr 3, 2015 2:12pm PDT

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