Stanford Grad Student Expelled After Allegedly Poisoning Her Classmates

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Well, this is super scary!!

A Stanford graduate student named Xiangyu Ouyang was banned from the Stanford campus after she was charged for, and later admitted to, four counts of poisoning!

She confessed to spiking the water bottles belonging to some of her classmates with paraformaldehyde. What is paraformaldehyde? Well, according to Google, once it’s depolymerized:

“the resulting formaldehyde may be used as a fumigant, disinfectant, fungicide, and fixative.”

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The anonymous campus publication Fountain Hopper was the first to publish the allegations of the incidents back in September.

One classmate described in a police report of what happened to her. Here’s what the police report said:

“[She] immediately experienced a burning sensation in her mouth and throat. Her eyes became irritated and watery. She began salivating uncontrollably. Her throat was burning so bad that she could not even swallow the water.”

And Ouyang apparently admitted to the crimes. Her statement was in a police report where she allegedly said:

“I am truly sorry for what had happened, but I really didn’t mean to harm people.”

The 26 year old, who was studying cancer biology, was allegedly OFF of her antidepressants when she committed the crimes, and is currently in the midst of a psychiatric evaluation before her court date on May 15th.

University spokeswoman Lisa Lapin said about the incidents:

“This was a sad, heartbreaking situation for everyone involved. This was a confined, isolated circumstance and there was no threat to the broader campus community. The university has been providing support to the group impacted.”

We’re glad that it seems like no students were seriously harmed from these scary incidents, and we really hope this troubled grad student gets the help she so desperately needs.

We’re not sure what happened to her to have prompted her do such horrendous things, but hopefully with some professional help – she’ll one day be able to put these events behind her.

[Image via A-STAR.EDU.SG.]

Apr 3, 2015 8:20pm PDT

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