Björk Dropped An N-Bomb In A New Interview! What The HECK Was She Thinking??

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You know when it’s oh so quiet?

When a someone drops an N-bomb in 2015 and everyone is just looking around awkwardly like, “Did we really just hear that??”

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In a recent interview in The Gentlewoman magazine, the Icelandic singer was discussing her career retrospective at New York’s Museum Of Modern Art when she lamented the poor sound quality of the museum.

She said:

“A lot of times, when I go to museums or galleries and there’s sound there, the speakers are rubbish or broken. So you have a place that’s the most super-duper visual standard in the universe, but there’s rubbish music with concert speakers, and one isn’t plugged in. Sound is the n***** of the world, man.”


What was she thinking using such offensive terminology??

Björk is actually repurposing a quote by Yoko Ono who said in a 1969 interview:

“Woman is the n***** of the world.”

What she meant was that women are underappreciated — like slaves. Yoko and John Lennon liked the phrasing so much, they even released a song of the same name, though the title was quite controversial even then!

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Frankly, we’re surprised that Bj├â┬╢rk wouldn’t understand that a lot of people wouldn’t be OK with her use of the word, let alone the comparison of slavery to speaker quality.

Our advice to Björk when it comes to offensive speech like this?

Shh. Shhhh.

[Image via The Gentlewoman.]

Apr 7, 2015 12:47pm PDT

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