Octavia Spencer Laughs Off Report Saying She Was Rude At Her Children’s Book Signing! Her Logical Argument Is Pretty Flawless!

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Say it ain’t so, Octavia Spencer!

Well, she just did. LOLz!

It was reported earlier that the Red Band Society actor was accused of being a major diva around some kids at her own children’s book signing in El Lay at The Grove on April 2.

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So how bad was her alleged freak out? One supposed onlooker, Angel Guzman, described the event to DailyMail:

“Octavia was mean, rude and horrible to everyone. Initially, there was a Q & A but Octavia acted like she was forced to be there and she took her anger out on all of us, including the kids.

Octavia’s answers were short and blunt and there were times she rolled her eyes to the back of her head like she couldn’t believe someone could ask such a stupid question. It quickly became a very uncomfortable situation for all of us.”

Wow, so what does Octavia say to all this backlash?

The Insurgent star took to Twitter on Monday to let the world know that haters gonna hate — but it might not necessarily make what they say true:

We’ll keep you posted on how this story develops! We hope this awful account of what happened isn’t true!

On another note, you can now buy her book Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective — The Sweetest Heist in History in book stores! That is definitely true!

Apr 7, 2015 3:51pm PDT

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