Fit Pregnant Mom Shares New LINGERIE Photo! Spoiler Alert: Still 9-Months Preggo & STILL Rocking Abs! Look!

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Every pregnant woman’s body is amazing. The fact that a human is growing inside, waiting to join the world, is just astounding.

And as long as that baby’s healthy and the momma is healthy, then nobody should care WHAT the momma looks like!

Sarah Stage has rocked the world — and social media — by posting pics of her incredibly fit body at 8-months pregnant. We even wrote about her HERE and HERE.

She’s healthy, the baby’s healthy, and we’re so happy for her!

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On Monday, she posted a new pic in lingerie and rockin’ that tiny bump on Instagram. She said:

“10 days until we meet #BabyJames”

To be expected, though, the internet lost its shizz. People were quick to judge in the comments and, as usual, were very very hurtful. Body shaming SUCKS no matter what!

Some were positive, though, calling it “amazing” and pointing out all the hard work. Apparently at 8 months, she had gained 20 pounds during her pregnancy. She couldn’t have gained much more than that here at 9!

To all the Negative Nancies out there: if everyone’s healthy, there’s no need to speak up just to be RUDE to someone carrying another human being inside of her. The feat is incredible no matter if she’s got abs or a completely different body type.

We should be applauding her for embracing the pregnancy and having such an incredible outlook on motherhood! That’s what counts!

Do you, Sarah! Send us pics when the little guy shows up!

[Image via Instagram.]

Apr 7, 2015 6:00pm PDT

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