Springfield, Missouri Votes To Take Away Rights From Gay, Lesbian, & Transgendered People

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Another giant step backward for mankind.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the LGBT community, but things don’t seem like they’re about to get any better.

That’s because on top of states like Indiana and Arkansas passing anti-gay bills, Springfield, Missouri actively went out of its way to discriminate against gays, lesbians, and trans* people as well.

In a close vote on Tuesday, the city rejected an ordinance that went in place last October that served as protection for queer individuals.

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The laws in place worked as anti-discriminatory measures for the LGBT community when it came to areas like housing, public accommodations, and employment, but they are now gone.

Basically, you can now get fired for being gay, not rented a home because you’re lesbian, and not allowed to use the gender’s bathroom to which you identify in public. Lovely.

While there is some silver lining that the law was trashed in a marginal vote of 15,347 to 14,493, it’s still very sad to see a city discriminate against its own citizens.

Are U going to be traveling to Springfield, Mo. anytime soon??

[Image via Valerie Mosley/News-Leader.]

Apr 7, 2015 11:31pm PDT

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