Former NFL Player For The New Orleans Saints Sells Superbowl Ring On Craigslist! Find Out How Much He’s Asking For It HERE!

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Life certainly has its ups and downs.

It’s been reported that a former NFL player for the New Orleans Saints is trying to sell his Super Bowl ring from their 2009 season!

A user on from the Atlanta region claiming to be a “former Saints player” listed the ring for an asking price of $45,000. The ring has 103 round-cut diamonds and totals 2.2 carats!

The same user also asked for $3,500 for a helmet with signatures from players Drew Brees, Jeremy Shockey, Darren Sharper and Reggie Bush — the helmet had the No. 29 on the back.

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So, who is the unidentified player? For now, we can only speculate. All team members on the active roster and practice squad during the 2009 season were awarded a Super Bowl ring.

According to The Saints media guide, three players with the No. 29 from 2009 appear on the active roster: defensive backs Chris McAlister, Marcus McCauley and Herana-Daze Jones.

Though in 2011 McAlister was said to be broke and living with his parents, he was a minority coaching fellow with the Buffalo Bills during their training camp in 2014.

Additionally, former practice squad member Glenn Sharpe used No. 29 during the Saints 2009 season. He was later arrested with a murder charge near Atlanta in 2014.

So, who do YOU think the mystery player is? Whoever they are, we hope their financial hardships get better!

Or this could just be a hoax, we guess.

[Image via AP Images.]

Apr 8, 2015 8:11pm PDT

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