Jon Hamm Had A Warrant Out For His Arrest In The Early ’90s For Violently Hazing A Fraternity Pledge!

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***Warning: Graphic Details***

He must have been one mad man back in the day.

Jon Hamm may currently be starring in one of the most critically acclaimed television shows of the past decade, but that doesn’t mean his entire history is as highly regaled.

That’s because in the early ’90s, the Mad Men star was almost arrested for violently hazing a pledge who was rushing his fraternity, Sigma Nu!

While at the University of Texas, Jon and six of his other frat bros were reportedly so brutal to one pledge, that three of the brothers had to spend 30 days in jail!

According to court documents, the unnamed pledge suffered the following:

1. He was spanked more than 30 times with a wooden paddle.
2. He was lifted off the ground by his underwear until his skin was raw.
3. His pants were then set on fire, and he was forced to blow them out.
4. The claw of a hammer was then hooked to his testicles and he was dragged around.
Those sound unimaginably disturbing.

The pledge was reportedly in such shock, that he was found the next morning hiding in a closet with bruises covering his butt and legs.

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After the pledge’s mother contacted authorities, Jon was charged with misdemeanor hazing and assault, but they were dismissed in ’95 after reaching a plea deal.

Between this and having to go to rehab for alcohol abuse, we wonder if he has any other skeletons just waiting to come out of the closet.

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

Apr 8, 2015 11:01pm PDT

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