Meet The Bad A$$ Grandma Who Miley Cyrus Will Basically Be In 60 Years!

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Even though Miley Cyrus is still young, there’s no doubt in our minds that she’ll be a HIGHlarious mom in the future!

But… did anyone think about how she’ll actually be as a grandma?? Granted, it’s a super long ways from now since she’s only 22 — but if we had to predict what Miles would be like in her golden years, the singer would totally mimic good ‘ole Baddie Winkle!

You know, Baddie Winkle — the woman who’s basically the badder version of Betty White aka Miley Cyrus 60 years from now. LOLz!

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The 86-year-old social media superstar blew away the people of the Internet when she stepped onto the scene last April, and now she’s made it onto the We Can’t Stop singer’s Instagram page!

You’re probably wondering in what ways Miles and Baddie are similar besides the fact that they’re both cool AF.

Well, let’s count the ways, shall we??

1. They’re both models. Smilers has done some modeling in her day, and so has Mz. Winkle! The elderly hawtie is currently the face of DimepieceLA!

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2. They both know how to roll a joint and smoke it — we all know Miles isn’t going to ditch the ganja later in life!

she don’t give a fuq @dimepiecela #STATEOFWINKLEA video posted by BADDIE (@baddiewinkle) on Apr 6, 2015 at 3:36pm PDT

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3. They both have a thing with articles of clothing that display marijuana on it!

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4. Swimsuit pics, forevz!

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5. They both invite us into their bedrooms at night!

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6. And finally… Selfies all day for the both of them!

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[Images via Marc Jacobs/Miley Cyrus/BaddieWinkle/Instagram.]

Apr 8, 2015 6:31pm PDT

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