Nicole Kidman’s Grace Of Monaco Is Going Direct To Cable! Find Out What Channel HERE!

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This was reportedly a pretty bad movie.

But hey, bad movies can still thrive! Just put them directly on cable! LOLz!

Nicole Kidman completed the much hyped movie Grace Of Monaco what seems like a long time ago, but the movie was NEVER given a wide release in movie theaters!

And apparently the movie’s distributor, The Weinstein Company, will never be releasing it to theaters… despite their $5 million bid for the film, and will instead be pushing the movie’s release to go straight to cable!

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But not just any cable channel!

The movie will actually be premiering on the Lifetime channel and will debut on May 25th, so maybe Kidman’s movie has a chance for success after all!

Lifetime has been known to get some pretty BIG ratings for movies that many people consider “bad” but a few loyal fans usually love, so who knows?!

Maybe Grace Of Monaco will turn into a cult hit! Crazier things have happened!!

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Apr 8, 2015 2:02pm PDT

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