MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR?? Queen Elizabeth Made A Secret Singing Recording — Get Deets On The Search For The Mystery Cassette HERE!

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We bet it’s FIRE.

Queen Elizabeth II has been the royal head of England since 1952, but apparently the Queen has a secret cassette tape she recorded with her late sister Princess Margaret for their mother way back in 1990.

And it wasn’t just any kind of songs that they were singing — they were singing children’s songs!

The pianist who went to Buckingham Palace that day to help them record was the one who revealed the knowledge of the cassette tape, which included a rendition of I Know Where the Flies Go in Winter Time, although no one seems to be able to find the tape!

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Here’s what pianist Laurie Holloway said:

“I don’t think the title was written on the cassette, so it might be stored somewhere and no one will realize its significance.”

And as for their singing and how the whole process worked – Holloway had this to say:

“[They had] good family voices…They would sing to me without accompaniment, and I would then play in their key.”

Sounds amazing!!!

And we guess the recording was made onto a cassette tape because Queen Elizabeth’s mother would listen to the recordings in her car while driving around.

Maybe they should take a look in the car’s tape player — they may just find that recording right there!!!

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Apr 8, 2015 11:56am PDT

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