Food Network Star Bobby Flay And Law & Order Actress Wife Have Separated! Find Out What Led To The Demise Of Their Marriage HERE!

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Looks like this partnership is cooked!

Three weeks ago, Bobby Flay and his wife Stephanie March separated, and according to insiders, they will indeed file for divorce.

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Reportedly, the Food Network star and the Law & Order: SVU actress have been having marital problems for a year-and-a-half, and things came to a head when the chef didn’t come to the hospital until the day after the 40-year-old’s appendix burst sometime in 2014.

He claims he was busy with work, an excuse that did not sit well with March.

To make matters worse, in February, the couple celebrated their 10 year anniversary but the 50-year-old foodie spent a part of their special day at a wine festival with his assistants.

The two walked down the aisle in 2005 and have no children together. Flay has been married twice before — to chef Debra Ponzek and to former Robin Leach Talk Food co-host Kate Connelly — and shares custody of his daughter, Sophie, with Connelly.

Sources say that both parties have already lawyered up.

Bobby and Stephanie’s relationship has been flamb├â┬⌐ed!

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Apr 9, 2015 11:15am PDT

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