Family Drama! Kate Gosselin Reveals Not ALL Of Her Kids Visit Ex Jon Gosselin!

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Jon Gosselin is in the dog house.

In a recent interview, Kate Gosselin revealed where her former hubby stands with their eight children today — and unfortunately it’s not all smooth sailing.

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According to Kate, there are a few of her children who choose not to visit their reality star dad whose latest gigs included DJing and waiting tables.

The momma revealed:

“Some of the kids visit and some don’t. That’s for the best.”

Hmm, it’s all for the “best”? We’re not sure Mr. Gosselin would agree!

As for where the Celebrity Apprentice star’s relationship with her ex stands today, the busy mom simply said:

“I don’t have one. I keep the peace.”

Considering the two were on terrible terms when they first split in 2009, we think it’s great that Kate has chosen to take the high road.

While we’re not sure which kids have decided to cease contact with their father, we hope the family will one day be able to reconnect.

[Image via TLC.]

Apr 9, 2015 4:06pm PDT

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