NFL’s First Woman Official: ‘I’m Just Out Doing A Job’ — Sarah Thomas Wants To Be Known For Being A Great Referee, Not Just A Woman! Watch The Interview HERE!

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Sarah Thomas made headlines last week when she was announced to be the first woman hired by the NFL as a full time official!

The mother-of-three said she was “almost speechless” when she heard the news that she was one of the nine new referees promoted by the league.

While Thomas is honored for the recognition of infiltrating the NFL ref boys club, she makes it clear that she wants to be known for being a great referee! The 41-year-old had this to say in an interview:

“I’m just out doing a job. It’s meaningful to a lot of people, and I’m honored for that. But that’s not why I set out to do this, to break a gender barrier of any sort. I just did it because I loved officiating.”

Though after a year of domestic violence scandals from NFL players, some people have said Thomas’ promotion is nothing but a publicity stunt — but that’s the farthest thing from the truth!

Thomas explained that her peers believe she is good at her job and she made it this far based on merit. She’s been officiating for almost 20 years!

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Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh agrees. During a press conference, he showed his support for Thomas, saying:

“We had her in the preseason last year, and she did a good job. She’s got to be one of the better [refs] we have. It’s about time. Get these guys straightened out a little bit, get these gals in there. She’s a good ref, so it was a good choice.

Sounds like it’s a going to be a positive change for the league!

Thomas went on to say she’s isn’t the slightest bit nervous for her first day officiating, and looks forward to take to the field. We can’t wait either!

Ch-ch-check out the rest of the interview in the video (below!)

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Apr 9, 2015 1:50pm PDT

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