A Hologram Of Selena Is Being Developed To Release New Songs… And Perform In Concert! Find Out The Details Here!

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We would do anything for Selena’s├óΓé¼┬ª hologram?

In the wake of the 20th Anniversary of the tragic death of singer Selena Quintanilla, it’s been reported that the Queen of Trejano may have new life in the upcoming years.

It was announced on the late Latina songstress’s Facebook that she will become the next star to be reincarnated as a hologram! The “digital human essence” will be called “Selena The One.”

The projection is being created by Acrovirt, a company that has been developing the Digitized Human Essence Technology that will make Selena’s hologram the first of it’s kind.

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The “digital embodiment” will not only walk, talk, sing, and dance, but we can also expect it to “release new songs and videos [and] collaborate with current hit artists,” — there is even a tour in the works for 2018!

But digital embodiments don’t grow on trees. Acrovirt plnns on launching an IndieGoGo campaign on April 16 to raise $500,000 for the project!

This wasn’t the first company to approach the Quintanilla family about creating a Selena hologram. Last year, Selena’s father Abraham met with the company behind the Tupac hologram at Coachella in 2012, but was ultimately unimpressed with the company’s work.

Now, the family is ecstatic about giving new life to the late superstar. Selena’s sister Suzette had this to say about the venture:

“By no means is this something that’s creepy or weird. We think it’s something amazing. A lot of the new fans that did not get to experience what Selena was about hopefully will be able to get a sense of her with this new technology that’s going to be coming out.”

Suzette also explained that this project would span over the next few years, as this type of technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

If this venture is successful, we’re sure new life will be brought to other late stars. Elvis hosting Saturday Night Live? Marlon Brando in Avengers 3? We can see it now!

Apr 9, 2015 10:47am PDT

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