Missed Out On The Apple Watch? Here Are 5 Watches With WAY BETTER Features!!

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We know how you feel.

Unlike Pharrell and Katy Perry, you didn’t get to the Apple Watch before it sold out within hours of its release Friday morning.

But you know what? Why wait six weeks for backorders to come in?

Instead check out all these movie and TV watches that have even BETTER features than celebrity endorsement:

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Dick Tracy’s Watch

The original high tech, this two-way radio is made all the cooler by being vintage.

It’s like the vinyl of smart watches.

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James Bond’s Watch

Not only has this spy gear been equipped with various communicators (including a mini fax machine!), it also had a frickin’ laser beam attached.

Also, it looks darn sexy.

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The Clockstoppers Watch

This watch doesn’t just tell time — it stops it!

If Apple can figure out how to do that, they’ll make a gazillion dollars! And also probably rupture the space-time continuum.

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Penny’s Watch from Inspector Gadget

The ultimate wrist accessory for the girl on the go! This thing had a video phone, a laser, a supermagnet, even a tracking device!

But one watch has something even better…

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The Night’s Watch

This watch has Jon Snow. ‘Nuff said. LOLz!

[Images via Touchstone/MGM/Paramount Pictures/Nelvana/HBO.]

Apr 10, 2015 6:45pm PDT

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