Indiana Pizzeria That Supports Same-Sex Discrimination Reopened Recently To A Full House – Yup, People Are Still Supporting This!

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All of those donations apparently helped.

Memories Pizza, the controversial Indiana pizzeria whose owners claimed they wouldn’t cater to a gay wedding because of their religious beliefs, reopened on Thursday night and hosted a full house when they did.

The packed restaurant was filled with the owner’s friends, family, and people who came down to support the controversial restaurant.

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And the owner, talking at the opening night, claimed he was happy to be providing service again and would absolutely do everything the same all over again. Unfortunately.

Here’s what Kevin O’Connor said:

“It’s a relief to get going again and try to get back to normal…I’d do the same thing again. It’s my belief. It’s our belief. It’s what we grew up on. I’m just sorry it comes to this because neither one of us dislike any of those people. I don’t hold any grudges.”

Memories Pizza initially made the controversial comments about not catering to gay weddings after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed. That bill has since been revised.

The pizza shop closed down pretty soon after that because of threatening calls and messages on social media, and subsequently raised a ton of money from supporters online.

Their crowdfunding campaign ended up netting the owners approximately $842,000 so far, and the owners claim they will donate a large chunk of that to charity and the rest will go towards restorations for their restaurant.

We doubt they even needed to reopen after making all that money online, but maybe they wanted to show their supporters some support.

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Apr 10, 2015 3:53pm PDT

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