EXCLUSIVE! Someone’s Had A Copyright For That New Jon Bon Jovi Reality TV Show Concept Since Back In 2008!

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Someone’s got some explaining to do!

If you’ve found yourself wondering what Jon Bon Jovi has been up to lately, then you can go ahead and put your mind at ease.

That’s because it was announced on Sunday that the rocker is creating a reality show about washed up rock stars trying to survive in the real world.

If I Wasn’t A Rock Star was supposed to be a joint production between The Weinstein Co. and Dimension Films, but there’s just one problem… someone already came up with the same idea for a show way back in 2008!

Before reality television really had its heyday, a man named Greg Glasson copyrighted a series concept for a show called Hand on Bologna — which is apparently some slang from the ’80s.

Greg spoke exclusively to us about hearing his show coming to light without his involvement, saying:

“I put the whole thing to rest 4 years ago and then my son emailed me this am the Jon Bon story of his new show. Honestly it only solidifies that people don’t always steal ideas. I highly doubt anyone was screening my script online. It is a 100% coincidence that just happens to be a material form concept that I registered and time stamped.

When someone thinks they have a great idea there is always someone else that has a similar one. I just happened to have it first and did the paperwork. I’m sick of seeing artists like Pharrell sued for being creative. Just because I had a great idea that I registered as intellectual property doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to make it a reality.”

Sounds pretty fair to us!

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Both shows would feature iconic actors and musicians from the past trying to reclaim their glory days in less lavish surroundings, but only one has been registered with the Writer’s Guild for almost 7 years.

Hint: It’s not Bon Jovi’s.

Greg isn’t trying to stop production of the sure-to-be-hit, he just wants his due concept credit.

We’ll be livin’ on a prayer that you get your accreditation, Greg!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Apr 13, 2015 5:03pm PDT

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