Mariah Carey Returns To Epic Records To Release ANOTHER #1 Hits Album — But All Anyone Can Talk About Is Her Slender Figure On The Cover!

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Mariah Carey is feeling a little nostalgic, because she JUST signed a contract with good ‘ole Epic Records — and that’s not the only thing in her life she’s reverting back to!

Like, is it just us, or did Mimi time travel back to 1998 for this album cover??

L.A. Reid and Epic Records may be glad to have MC back on their roster, but fans aren’t too happy about the Photoshop job on the cover of her latest collection of #1 hits!

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Apparently Mimi’s supposedly slimmed down body caused a few haters to come out of the wood works and they’ve been up in arms over her cover art for #1 To Infinity!

A couple of them even wrote on Twitter:


Thankfully, her true stans stood up for the Elusive Chanteuse and commented on her Instagram post:

“Can We Please Stop Bashing This Beautiful Singer & Mother Of Twins??? All Models/Singers Have Their Pictures Photo Shopped These Days It’s Kinda The Norm. So Can We PLEASE Let This Beautiful Lady/Singer/Mother A Break??? We All Age & Mariah Just Wants To Look Good For All Her Fans. Let’s Love Our Girl NOT Tear Her Down Please???”

Well, this fan does have a point!

Although photoshopping pictures isn’t something we all want to see become a norm, the 45-year-old is notorious for it, no??

Regardless, L.A. is totally on board for Mimi’s return to Epic! He said:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be back together again with Mariah. There is really no one who comes close to Mariah as both a songwriter and a singer, and as the world knows, her vocal range is legendary and truly incomparable. Her music is indelibly etched into our culture, and she’s shattered so many chart records that she’s now firmly entrenched in the history books. With a fierce and loyal fan base that covers every corner of the globe, I have no doubt Mariah will do it again.”

Aside from her AH-Mazing music, one thing is for certain — her fan base is EXTREMELY loyal.

[Image via Mariah Carey/Instagram.]

Apr 13, 2015 3:48pm PDT

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