Look Out Emily Thorne — ABC May Have Just Hinted At Revenge‘s Cancellation In The Latest Promo For The Drama!

Emily Thorne may not get away with enacting revenge on everyone who’s wronged her after all!

That’s because following Sunday night’s brand-new episode of Revenge, ABC may have sent a little message about the show’s fate in the form of next week’s promo.

With season four winding down, it’s no surprise that the network would want to ensure that viewers stick around to see the outcome of this Emily vs. Victoria story arc when the finale airs on May 10.

However, when they teased that there were only four episodes left, they didn’t qualify that fact with an ‘until the season finale’ — they just said there were four final episodes remaining.

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Don’t get us wrong, Revenge is amazing guilty TV and we love that it was willing to take risks, but when only four main cast members from the first season are still on the show, we kind of understand why ratings have plummeted.

The Madeleine Stowe and Emily Van Camp drama has been on the cusp of cancellation for the past couple of years, and this may just be the final nail in its coffin ahead of any official announcements from ABC.

Ch-ch-check out the shady promo and decide for yourself (above)!!!

Apr 13, 2015 4:08pm PST

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