Hillary Clinton’s Website Is Feathered With Puns!! Check Out The Quack-Tastic Error Page!

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Hillary Clinton loves puns almost as much as she loves America!

The Senator has been making waves ever since she recently announced her candidacy for the presidential election. The 67-year-old created an error page for her website, and it is HIGHlarious!

If you happen to be perusing through Hil’s website and click on a page that doesn’t exist, you’ll be directed to a 404 error page featuring a throwback photo of Hillary with Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton posing with none other than Donald Duck!

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In the Disney-tastic picture, the Clintons wear matching Donald Duck hats as Donald himself strikes a pose! Under the photo, the error page tells users:

“Oops, that link wasn’t what it was quacked up to be. But while you’re here, how about signing up to volunteer?”


The first female contender for the presidency must like cartoons — she referred to her mode of transportation during her campaign as a “Scooby van!” As to why she wanted to drive throughout the campaign as opposed to flying, Clinton’s longtime aide Huma Abedin explained:

“When Hillary first told us that she was ready to hit the road for Iowa, we literally looked at her and said, ‘Seriously?’ And she said, ‘Seriously.’ This was her idea, and she’s been really excited about it since she came up with it.”

Hillary’s humble campaign rise only proves that she is a woman of the people instead of a product of the Democratic party!

What do U think of Hillary’s campaign so far?

[Image via Hillary For America.]

Apr 14, 2015 2:32pm PDT

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