This Group Of Russian Girls Twerking On Stage Sparks Outrage For Being Way Too Provocative!! Watch The Video Decide For Yourself!!

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That is one pervy Winnie The Pooh!

A video of a teenage girl dance troupe in Russia caught the eyes of investigators due to its “signs of indecency” after it went viral this week.

The video contains a group of girls who are reportedly 16 years old performing a choreographed dance — which features plenty of twerking.

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The performance opens with a tune from an animation film during the Soviet-era. A creepy bear mascot holding a jar of honey skips on stage, then the beat drops and a swarm of dancing bees start getting their twerk on!

Russian officials are looking into charges of “perverted deeds” and negligence against the Orenburg based dance studio. Children’s rights official Pavel Astakhov described the dance as “vulgar” and “insulting”.

Viktoria Yakovenko, the dance studio’s director, said in her statement that all of the girls had their parents’ permission to participate. She didn’t think the performance was all that vulgar, saying:

“Just go on the Internet, you’ll find much more explicit dances there, believe me.”

The performance might also be deemed “insulting” because the twerking bees are wearing orange and black, colors associated with Russian patriotism!

It is a pretty raunchy performance — the girls literally hump the stage floor at one point. But the video, which has quickly garnered over 6 million views since it was posted on Sunday, was reportedly recorded without the permission of the girls or their parents!

Do U think the dance number was too provocative? Ch-ch-check out the performance for yourself in the video (below)!

Apr 14, 2015 6:20pm PDT

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