The Truth Behind Dennis Quaid’s Freakout Is REVEALED!!

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It was the talk of the inter webs yesterday…

Dennis Quaid freaking the f*ck out on the set.

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While many have speculated as to whether the epic meltdown was real or not, the answer has FINALLY arrived.

It turns out Quaid has an awesome sense of humor, because the freak out was all one big prank for Funny or Die!

Honestly, we’re quite impressed that the actor and crew behind this project were able to create so much buzz over the stunt in such a short period of time…not to mention the final product is absolutely HIGH-larious!

Check out what REALLY happened on “set” (below)!

HA! We have a feeling this prank will go down as one of the best Funny or Die stunts in history!

Also, who knew Dennis was so funny?

So, are YOU surprised that Quaid’s melt down is fake?

Apr 15, 2015 2:01pm PDT

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