Arrow‘s Shocker Of An Episode Kills Off A Fan Favorite! With A Twist… Get The Bittersweet Deets HERE!

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Last night’s episode of Arrow was incredibly intense TV!

Unfortunately the high quality of the episode came at an even higher cost as it means one of our favorite characters is off the show!

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Warning: Spoilers AHEAD!!

Fan favorite character Roy Harper — played by the super sexy Colton Haynes since season one — was killed off!

After turning himself in to protect Oliver (Stephen Amell), Roy was stabbed to death!

Well, not really. It turned out he actually faked his own death so the world would think Arrow was gone!

Great plan except it means NO MORE COLTON HAYNES! Warner Bros TV has confirmed that Colton will not be part of the cast in season four.

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However, the good news is this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Colton again as he’s scheduled to appear in ONE MORE EPISODE this season.

We hope he gets a proper send-off then! Maybe there’s a certain spin-off he could join…

Until then, we’ll choose to remember him in all his shirtless glory.

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[Image via The CW.]

Apr 16, 2015 10:57am PDT

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