Kendall Jenner Attempts To Shut Down Any Talk About Bruce Jenner’s Reported Transition In Her GQ Interview, But Her Reactions Say It All

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Now this is something Kendall Jenner can’t backtrack on!

Everyone has been eagerly waiting for any one of the Kardashians or Jenners to comment on Bruce Jenner‘s reported transition.

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While none of them have, Kendy’s reaction to this GQ writer’s question kind of gives us an insight to what’s going on in their family and how she feels about it.

In the 19-year-old model’s interview, the journalist documents that very moment in Paris, France.

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As Zach Baron, the writer of this featured piece, and Kendall walk past a newsstand with Bruce’s name plastered on the cover, he asked the reality star if she was comfortable with this supposed transition and she said:

“That’s not about me, so we can move on.”

But the writer didn’t stop there. He went on to point out that Kendall’s name was on the cover, so surely the piece is about her as well — and it was! The cover fully read: “Bruce’s Journey: How He Told His Kids — Kendall & Kylie finally hear it from him as the cameras roll!”

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Once Zach made that observation — which he regretted after — Kendall looked uncomfortable and responded:

“All that is bullshit. I don’t even know what they’re talking about, so I have no idea.”

The GQ writer asked just one more question — if the starlet was upset about the story, and she simply said:

“That is not for me to answer.”

Spoken like a true celebrity in the limelight.

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Only time will tell if these reports of Bruce’s transition have been true or not. We’ll all find out with Diane Sawyer next Friday when the special airs!

[Image via WENNCHELLA/WENN/Pacific Coast News.]

Apr 16, 2015 1:50pm PST

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