Cameron Crowe Made A Joke About Bruce Jenner’s Gender Transition In Another Leaked Sony Email!

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As we told you earlier, WikiLeaks is posting as many of the leaked Sony emails as it can.

And it seems like Cameron Crowe wrote more than one that’s going to come back and bite him!

First he called his Aloha star Bradley Cooper an odd bird, then in another exchange with Sony’s former co-chairwoman Amy Pascal, Crowe made a joke about Bruce Jenner‘s gender transition.

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The October 2014 comment came after Amy Pascal asked Crowe if he had something to show her regarding a movie he was making at the time, and Crowe responded with:

“Does Bruce Jenner want boobs? Hell yes I have something to show you!!!!”


We know these emails were meant to be private, but comments like this definitely go over the line!

It’s yet another reminder — don’t make jokes you would be ashamed of in public, even if you think no one will see them.

[Image via TRY CW/WENN.]

Apr 17, 2015 5:28pm PDT

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