Kanye West Clears The Air & CONFIRMS That Tidal Is NOT Run By The Illuminati! Good To Know!

Kanye West wants the Illuminati jokes to stop!!

Well that’s certainly a relief!!

Kanye West followed in his wife Kim Kardashian‘s footsteps when he recently graced the cover of PAPER magazine, but he also took it a step further by writing his very own cover story about The American Dream!

At least that’s what we think it was supposed to be about…

In true Yeezy fashion, the story is filled with tons of tangents and stories about important things like getting high on nitrous gas at his dentist’s office!

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But the true gem comes when Ye goes on a rant on why he’s sick and tired of all of the jokes about Tidal being run by the Illuminati! Yes, this is a real thing! Kanye writes:

“I heard a comment ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ a joke ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ about the Tidal press conference being an Illuminati moment. If there was actually an Illuminati, it would be more like the energy companies. Not celebrities that gave their life to music and who are pinpointed as decoys for people who really run the world. I’m tired of people pinpointing musicians as the Illuminati. That’s ridiculous. We don’t run anything; we’re celebrities. We’re the face of brands. We have to compromise what we say in lyrics so we don’t lose money on a contract.”

Wow! We had no idea this was such a pressing issue!

Especially when you consider Tidal has much BIGGER fishsticks to fry considering they JUST had to replace a CEO!

But hey, we guess this whole Illuminati theory is pretty important too!

Ch-ch-check out Kanye’s cover shot (below)!

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 20, 2015 5:29pm PDT

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