Is Kris Jenner Threatening To Sue Bruce Jenner With A Defamation Lawsuit Over His Diane Sawyer Interview?! Find Out The Messy Deets HERE!

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With his much-publicized Diane Sawyer interview coming out this Friday, Bruce Jenner is setting the record straight with the various rumors and stories surrounding him.

However, there is one person who’s definitely feeling the heat regarding the many secrets Bruiser will expose.

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And it’s none other than his ex wife Kris Jenner!

According to RadarOnline, the Kardashian matriarch is NOT happy with the upcoming sit-down, and is even threatening her former husband with legal action if her reputation is in any way, shape, or form ruined!

According to a source:

“Kris snapped this weekend and is now threatening him with a defamation suit, demanding that he let her see the Diane Sawyer interview and what is filmed so far of the documentary.”

The insider claims that the reality TV diva will even go after the Olympian’s wallet if there is any unflattering mention of her or her empire!

“Kris told Bruce that if he defames her in any way, or their brand, she is going to sue him for everything that he is worth.”

The witness believes that seeing the gold medalist’s reported breast augmentation really set Miz Jenner off:

“The family thinks that her going to see him after his boob job triggered a massive panic attack because it suddenly became real to her what is going on.”

However, the family friend says that the mother of six has nothing to be worried about:

“Bruce would never badmouth Kris because she is the mother of his children and he is appalled that she would ever accuse him of such a thing.”

As we reported, the athlete’s main concern is how his reported gender transition will affect his family.

We just hope that the interview will solve issues in the Jenner-Kardashian family, and not create new ones!

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Apr 21, 2015 12:14pm PST

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