Did Erin Andrews Diss Her Boyfriend Jarret Stoll’s Drug Arrest On Dancing With The Stars??? Watch & Decide HERE!

Jarret Stoll might be in the doghouse with Erin Andrews!

Oh snap!! Did Erin Andrews just burn her own boyfriend on live TV?!

In case you missed the action at the MGM Grand this weekend, NHL star and Erin’s BF Jarret Stoll was arrested in Las Vegas when he tried to sneak cocaine and “Molly” into a pool party!

Well, the Dancing With The Stars host has been quiet about the scandal so far, but she may have dropped a little hint about his legal issues in last night’s episode!

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After Willow Shields‘s performance, the 14-year-old revealed to Erin that a typical spring break night means staying at home and watching movies! Erin responded, saying:

“There’s nothing wrong with that! I feel like there are some other people who should learn from you!”

Hmmmmm! Is she talking about Jarret, and how he would have avoided this whole mess if he would have just stayed at home and watched Love Actually instead???


Of course, Erin has yet to OFFICIALLY speak out about Jarret’s arrest, but if she’s dropping shade on live television, that CAN’T be a good sign!

What do YOU think, readers? Was Erin throwing shade? Watch the clip (below) and sound off in the comments!

Apr 21, 2015 5:15pm PDT

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