Hayden Panettiere Loves Being A Mom — And It Shows! Find Out Why Her Glow Is So Legit HERE!

hayden panettiere loves being a mom

Talk about a maternal glow — Hayden Panettiere, motherhood looks good on you!

It was back in December when the Nashville star, with her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko, had their baby girl Kaya. And like any new mom, the actress gushed about being a parent during an interview with Good Morning America on Monday.

And we LOVES it!

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She raved:

“[It’s] out of body. As you know. You know what it’s like. As long as your kids are happy and healthy and all good — it’s fabulous.”

And we agree — this might be the best the statlet has ever looked!

But with parenthood comes major changes in life. Hayden made sure to emphasize that a normal day revolves around her little one now.

She stated:

“You just re-prioritize, as you said before. You hear that they’re healthy, and you just don’t care about yourself anymore. It’s the most out-of-body experience, where you go, ‘I will completely lay myself on the line for my child. Without even a hesitation.'”

Fierce! Hayden seems like one heck of a mama bear.

What’s even cooler is that both Hayden and her character on Nashville will be experiencing parenthood at the same time. Talk about method acting!

Hayden shared:

“She’s trying to find herself. As a mother, you feel like you lose yourself for a second, which you should, and you’re giving yourself and dedicating yourself to another person. But she’s terrified that that is going to disappear, all the work she’s done throughout the years. That’s her identity.”

Very inneresting!!

Regardless, you make a gorgeous mom. We think it’s already time for baby number two, Hayden!!

[Image via Bauer Griffin Online.]

Apr 21, 2015 2:26pm PDT

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