Native American Actors Walk Off Adam Sandler Movie In Protest! Find Out What Racist & Sexist Jokes Went Too Far!

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Adam Sandler may need to start acting his age — and by that we mean remembering it’s 2015.

According to reports, a dozen Native American actors AND the Native cultural advisor walked off the set of his latest film The Ridiculous Six on Wednesday.

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The star-studded Western spoof offended the primarily Navajo actors with both its portrayal of the Apache people in general, and of women specifically.

Actor Loren Anthony explained:

“I was asked a long time ago to do some work on this and I wasn’t down for it. Then they told me it was going to be a comedy, but it would not be racist. So I agreed to it but on Monday things started getting weird on the set.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t just get too racist for several actors’ liking — it got too sexist too!

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Anthony and other actors cited inaccurate and stereotypical costumes and props, female characters with names like Beaver’s Breath and No Bra, and a depiction of a woman squatting and peeing while smoking a ceremonial peace pipe.

And when the film’s Native consultant tried to help, he was ignored. Actress Goldie Tom said:

“I felt this was all really disrespectful. Our costumes did not portray Apache people. The consultant Bruce spoke to the crew and told them we should not have braids and chokers and he was very disappointed. He asked to speak with Adam Sandler. We talked to the producers about other things in the script and they said ‘It’s in the script and we are not going to change it.’ Overall, we were just treated disrespectfully, they spoke down to us and treated everyone with strong tones.”

Um, wasn’t that why they hired the consultant in the first place? To make sure it WASN’T offensive??

If you’re just going to ignore the consultant, this system isn’t going to work — and ignorant, hurtful material is still going to be made.

This time, unless Adam Sandler wants to give some thought to being more sensitive, they’re going to be out some actors.

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Apr 23, 2015 5:06pm PST

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